Call to celebration and vigilance

Roe has been overturned!

This is a reason to celebrate and to be vigilant on all fronts.

We will face demonic deceptions from all directions…deceptive efforts and ideas that conflict internally because the forces of darkness have no obligation to truth or logic or reason. They have only one end in mind here…do everything they can to maintain the continual slaughter of the innocent and stop the powers of government from doing what they ought to do in relation to the unborn. They will use violence and manipulation and corrupt leaders to try to undo this act of justice. They will even use supposed Christians whose minds have been darkened to think that abortion is OK or Roe doesn’t matter.

Already the people who tell you that the prolife community only cares about the unborn and does nothing to help mothers and babies are trying to pass a laws that attacks the very pro-life institutions that help mothers and babies. See the website of Democrat congresswoman Maloney:

“Congresswomen Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY) and Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR) and U.S. Senators Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) today introduced the Stop Anti-Abortion Disinformation (SAD) Act, to crack down on false advertising related to abortion services.”

This is how she defines such groups:

“It is truly disgusting that reproductive rights are being threatened and attacked by crisis pregnancy centers whose guiding principle is to mislead, misinform, and outright lie to pregnant people in order to dissuade them from having an abortion. It is long past time that we prohibit these predatory tactics to undermine reproductive rights.”

[I didn’t realize that the objective of helping mothers make informed decisions by giving free ultrasounds, diapers, food, formula, encouragement, prayers, and counsel with navigating social services was an attack on “reproductive rights.”]

Meanwhile groups that some security experts think may have ties to Antifa are making actual threats of violence against crisis pregnancy centers and workers. They have already engaged vandalim and even arson under the group name, “Jane’s Revenge.” The Biden justice department’s response to these terrorist acts has been tepid…much less energetic than their efforts to label upset parents in school board meetings as terrorists.

So, this is clearly a time to celebrate that the Justices on the Supreme Court have actually voted to overturn an unjust law. But the fight for the innocent is not over.

Be vigilant.


Pray for crisis pregnancy centers and pro-life workers. If you can give so that they can increase security and improve their services then do so.

Pray for law enforcement and government officials to take these real threats seriously.

Pray for such overtly wicked responses from the radical pro-choice movement to shake tepid Christians from their stupor on this issue.

Pray for the safety of our Supreme Court Justices (they have been threatened and there was an actual planned assissination on Kavanaugh that was thankfully stopped).

Thank God for this legal shift.

Pray God for mercy and wisdom and vigilance to take the next steps needed in this ongoing battle.


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