It’s been a while, but this should keep you busy.

Yes, I have failed at regular blogging, something for which I apologize. But, I’ve started a new job–as president of our organization no less, rebuilt the front end of our van–or at least helped, fought through sickness–which is never easy with five kids, and now we’re fully into the holiday season. I will get back … More It’s been a while, but this should keep you busy.

Theology Done Well

Some evangelical believers–and some non-evangelical for that matter–tend to behave as though theology is some cold or stale scholastic exercise that leaves us dry spiritually. However, real theology is simply God word–it is the attempt to glimpse God and speak as accurately about him a possible. When it is true, when it is done well, Theology draws us … More Theology Done Well

Review of Anne Rice’s “Christ the Lord”

[A review I wrote for our church publication. Having recently read the second installment of Rice’s Christ the Lord Series: Road to Cana, I thought this worth posting. I enjoyed it equally.] I charged into Anne Rice’s Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt with a pencil in hand, ready to confront the heretic who had “quit being … More Review of Anne Rice’s “Christ the Lord”