You won’t vote for him just because he is racist?

Race is only  one issue. You one-issue voters are so short-sighted.


Sounds stupid, doesn’t it? Or evil?

It is socially expected that you will hate racism…and racists.

And we absolutely ought to refuse to support anyone for political office who is a proven and unrepentant racist. Racism (or we could substitute misogyny) is a rejection of the image of God in another human being that He made and loves, and we cannot say we love God if we do not love our brother or sister. It is a heinous sin. It is idolatry.

Yet more and more I find certain Christians ready to support a pro-choice candidate without reservation and even criticize their fellow Christians who won’t approve of their choice for being “one-issue” voters.

After all, abortion is just one issue. Look at all the other great things Mr. Smith stands for.

But if that doesn’t sound as wrong as “racism is just one issue,” then you have lost sight of something profoundly important. Your vision has been clouded by the social acceptability of abortion. Furthermore, you have no grounds for thinking that had you lived in 1960’s America you would have refused to back racist candidates, because in 2018 you are blind to the severity of the very same sin in pro-abortion leaders. You have given way to the hatred of an entire class of people made in the image of God because it is politically expedient and socially acceptable to support pro-abortion candidates…as expedient and acceptable as voting for George Wallace in the 1962 Governor’s race in Alabama. (After all, George did some good things for the state and for education.)

Each day in this nation we murder over 1500 babies because they are inconvenient. (We have also at times–under democrat leadership–contributed to the promotion of abortion in third world nations under the UN Population Fund.) Not a single person I have asked who supports the pro-abortion movement can answer the question, “Why is that a good thing?”

But it is acceptable. It is convenient. So it mustn’t take a place of undue importance in our politics. There are so many other important issues.

And this is just one issue.

Or is it?

The truth is that the willingness to devalue people for political gain doesn’t stop with one class of human beings. Our political leaders have proven themselves complete political opportunists willing to play with the lives of any people that are deemed expendable.

For instance, I am not particularly thrilled with the Republican approach to immigration at present, but anyone who thinks the Democrats have done better are self-deluded. And again, children who haven’t their own voice will suffer for it.

Democrats have of late vocally supported boarder policies that potentially open the way for sex traffickers, all to score political points and continue to try to brand Republicans as racists. They have branded their own approach as compassionate. But it isn’t. There is nothing compassionate about a loose boarder.

If loose boarders are compassionate in the context of the current sex trafficking crisis, then why is South Africa tier 2 in ranking of nations making effort to end such practices? (Tier two refers to nations showing significant progress.) Try to take a group of unaccompanied minors into South Africa. My daughter went on such a trip with her dance company. Every child under 18 had to submit official copies of both their parents’ birth certificates along with a pile of officially notarized paperwork and the child’s passport to the SA consulate months before the trip in order to get permission for their children to travel with the group leaders. That is what efforts to curb sex trafficking look like. That is not a loose boarder.

But that doesn’t play well in our media. It takes too long to explain. (Like a whole paragraph.) And mean spirited racist Republicans wanting to keep immigrants out and potentially allowing for the death of hundreds of children is such a useful narrative for Democrats (who continue to politically support the murder of hundreds of thousands). And because some Christians have acted shamefully and spoken ignorantly on matters of immigration of late, our “woke” brothers and sisters go unquestioningly along with the narrative…because we can’t be seen as party to such “bigotry.” After all, what matters is that we look compassionate to the watching masses. And to look compassionate in the eyes of American media we can’t look racist…but we can support abortion.




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