Senator Feinstein’s War on Women

The Democrats don’t get a pass on this one. Their constant droning about “the war on women” supposedly waged by every person who doesn’t embrace their radical pro-abortion “feminism” has been revealed for the gross hypocrisy it is. Senator Feinstein’s tactics may well have dealt a deadly blow to the incredibly important #metoo movement.

By weaponizing a “victim” to smear Judge Kavanaugh with so seemingly false and certainly unverifiable claims for such transparently political ends, Feinstein and the Democrats make the #metoo movement look suspect. Sadly, their slanderous politicization of this confirmation process (which has been criticized even by liberals such as Justice Ginsburg) has already stirred up fears that #metoo is nothing more than a means of destroying someone without cause or evidence; it leads average people to doubt victims who had of late been empowered by the movement.


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