Meditation on Lent: Hard simplicity.

Sometimes we need simplicity, particularly in our complex world. Yet we often make the mistake of thinking ‘simple’ means easy. That is not the case.

I once got lost in London…it was quite easy to do. But tracing my steps on a map afterwards did not create a simple pattern.The simplest path between two points follows a straight line; I did not come close to a straight line. In fact, a straight line is not even easy to draw, much less to walk. It takes control, focus, effort, and practice.

In a similar sense, achieving simplicity of life requires some effort and practice. This is part of why we fast for lent. Fasting fosters simplicity of life by teaching us to focus on the one thing that matters, Jesus. As he told us in the Sermon on the Mount, the pure in heart…the heart free of any admixture…shall see God. And that is our goal for Easter, that in the celebration of the resurrection we may apprehend God more fully because we have focused on him more singly during lent.

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