They are lying to our faces.

So, have yono labelsu seen the ad   

the one from the ad council meant to make us all unbiased?


It features various couples behind an x-ray wall:

labels skeleton

It begins with two skeletons making out behind the wall in front of a growing audience who, like good 21st century voyeurs, look on with growing curiosity until they are all gleefully surprised as two women exit from either end of the screen and then affectionately kiss each other once more and wave to the audience. The message is that deep down we are all the same.

Isn’t it so sweet? Why would anyone be offended? If your attitude changed toward their love after they came out then you are a bigot who needs to do some serious soul searching.

Yet the whole thing is built on a premise that is an outright lie. Forgive me if it sounds pedantic, but in the matter of sexuality that x-ray is revealing. Anyone who has studied the bone structure of humans would see that the first couple were women before they ever “revealed” themselves…based simply on their bone structure.

Don’t believe me, watch this really short video then watch the commercial again and see how easily one can discern male from female pelvic structures after a 90 second anatomy lesson.   Then consider all the sweet little lies implied by the ad and why they are lies.

First, this commercial presumes to tell us that differences don’t matter. But some do–particularly our sexuality. There is a difference, a biological, structural, unalterable sexual difference between a man and a woman (even when there has been a sex change). Sexuality has a purpose and a design, and the x-ray makes it clear.  The fact that the audience is ignorant or unobservant doesn’t change that reality.

Second, there is an implication that remains at the center of everything the gay movement pushes on the American public, the lie that sexuality is like race…a surface difference. Again, the x-ray in this commercial makes the difference quite clear. We cannot by the bone structure distinguish the African American woman in the commercial from the white lesbians in the first segment. The race distinction is biologically a surface matter, the sexuality distinction goes to every level of our makeup…which again, the x-ray reveals.

In the end these lies are part of the American idolatry…the worship of self and the radical commitment to “self realization.” Consider briefly this comment posted on the social network side of the love has no labels website:

“Someone just asked me if I was gay or straight? The answer is I don’t want to categorise my sexuality. I am who I am.”

Get past for a moment the symptomatic sexual confusion. Read that last statement.

There is only One who can truly say, “I am who I am.” It is not us.

We are who we are made. We are socially conditioned. We are biologically limited. We cannot make ourselves.

Yet that is the lying mantra that supports the gay movement, and not just the gay movement. Homosexuality, transvestism, adultery, abortion, greed, racism, narcissism, and so many other sins are rooted in the mantra, “I am who I am”…essentially, “I am my own God.”




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