Those aren’t the only options.

I keep seeing these posts along the lines of “why should we help (insert what you don’t care about here) when we need to help (insert some woefully neglected group or issue here).” Lately it has been about refugees, but that is not the first issue to get this treatment. Before it was abortion.

The implication is that we must choose who to help. Either we stop abortion or we help poor women. Either we assist Syrian refugees or we help homeless vets.

It is faulty reasoning.

It is like the shallow assumption that I must be a rabid capitalist or vapid socialist.

It is like that stupid ethics exercise where I must choose whether to throw a switch to stop a train from hitting five people and thereby killing one person instead.

Why exactly is everyone so convinced that there are only two choices to every complex problem and question?

So, I vote that we stop abortion and help poor women. I vote that we help Syrian refugees and homeless vets. This is the richest country in the world after all. We are all fat and our houses are packed with useless crap. I have a feeling with a little creativity and the slightest financial sacrifice we can help 10,000 refugees and 50,000 vets.

Please, lets stop with the faulty logic.



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