I was wrong: more on refugees

So, I am still living dangerously…blogging with a head cold, but I’m now past the pain ridden snarky stage. At present it is more just discomfort leading to imprecision. I’m a little muddled.

As such, and as my head is clearing, I realized that I was wrong on an important point in the previous post. There are not  two American idols, only one. In the end what both the liberal and conservative are worshiping is the self–self expressed in the desire for security. Security in one form or another seems to be the driving force of argument and action; they simply differ on how we achieve that end. The liberal puts confidence in one group of party leaders and the methods of appeasement, the conservative in the other group of party leaders and ‘strength.’ Both are seeking security.

However, if they genuinely think either approach will stop the current shifting and erosion in western civilization, then neither really grasp our current situation from any historical perspective. Call me crazy (if I’m wrong I’ll blame in on the cold), but it seems to me the dam has burst. We, the western world…the inheritors of Rome, are once again staring at Alaric’s Visigoth masses, those Romanized ‘barbarians’ who have been driven from their homes by the brutality of the Huns. They cannot, or will not, go back. They have tasted too much of the wealth of Rome and feel like they have too often been used by Rome. We have pushed the political games as far as they will go.

And now the inner erosion of our culture will bear fruit. Consider, if the chaos ended now, if Isis was defeated, if the refugee movement trickled to a halt…how many do you think will leave Europe?

As things stand, there will be no need for conquest by force or terror. Western people seem to love self and hate babies, so the Arabs, Asians and Africans who do not share in those sentiments need only birth the West out of existence. No doubt they will maintain some of our comforts and adapt some of our culture, but Rome is essentially fallen again.

Like the Eastern Roman Empire, the US may take some time more to follow suit, but we have eroded from within.

Yet, contrary to what you might think, this is not a call reject refugees. We had better love and welcome them, first because Jesus tells us to. This is not contrary to wisdom (though the pragmatists among us seem to think it is)…the greatest foolishness is to explain away or dismiss a command from Jesus to love neighbor and enemy alike and to welcome strangers.

Still, there is a place for some pragmatic wisdom that also lines up with what is right.

(1) We ought to take the most severely persecuted refugees first–Christians and other minorities.

(2) We ought to tighten border security and simultaneously expand our concept of refugees as well as our aid to nations just south of our borders.

(3) We need to renew our understanding of what makes a just war…and only fight those.

If this all still makes sense when I am well, I will expand upon it…though it may take time.



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