The Devil doesn’t have a birthday!

It is that time of year again. Read it for your edification and my sanity.

Puddleglum Contra Mundum

Can we just file this one under “would you please stop saying that.”

In spite of practically every horror movie that references the Devil and way too many Christian dramas about the anti-Christ and end times, the Devil has no birthday. He doesn’t have a son either. (Nor does he have the power to pre-ordain the birth of the anti-Christ, but that is a matter for another post).

So, could you please stop calling Halloween “the Devil’s birthday.” I am sorry you got your understanding of Halloween (and Catholicism, and role play games, and so many other things) either directly or second hand from Chic Tracs. But it just isn’t true.

Halloween is literally “All Hallows (that means holy/saints) Eve” It is the night before all Saints Day. All Saints is the day the church historically celebrated all the saints, every one of those unknown, unnamed, forgotten, faithful servants of…

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