Murder was less than 1% of all they did.

The National Socialist Party in Germany accomplished some pretty amazing things. They took a nation left destitute by war and economic depression and elevated it to the status of a major world power. Their leaders were quite progressive in matters of animal conservation and public health. They had an effective welfare system to help the destitute. Under their leadership Germany advanced in sciences such as rocketry and became a major influence in cultural and artistic ventures such as fashion and film. Their manufacturing grew strong and provided jobs for many people and they built an amazing highway system (fantasized about by car enthusiasts to this day).

When the Nazi’s took power in 1933 the total population of Germany was 67 million. Jews made up less than 1% of that population. Yet no one ever says (and rightly so!), “Murdering the Jews was less than 1% of what the Nazi’s did. Look at all the important good things they did to help so many German people.”  Yet I hear moderates and even some Christians defending Planned Parenthood with the statement that Abortion is only 3% of what they do.

Even if we accept the statistic…even if the other 97% is benevolence on par with Mother Theresa, does that statement not bother anyone else. We all agree that abortion is killing a human baby…no one can contest that.

So why is it OK to fund them. Just state the facts plainly and see how stupid the defense sounds:

The mass murder of millions of innocent children for profit is only 3% of what Planned Parenthood does.

Why is that OK?


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