Why Pluralism Fails.

There is no such thing as a pluralist society–not fully. Every society, every ideology, is based upon an underlying meta-narrative, and the ruling narrative of pluralism requires that we embrace mutual ignorance–that is the idea that everybody’s view is wrong on some level. So, genuine pluralism exists as the chaos of unlimited choice for everyone, in theory anyway. In actuality it is the view that everyone is wrong except me, and at some point it can degenerate into a form of social Darwinism–those with power and the will to act will ultimately subjugate the weak. After all, upon what basis can we tell them they are wrong to seize power, their view is that we are wrong to deny them that power.

Jesus gives us the only ethic which will actually allow for practical pluralism in society; it is based upon his absoluteness. He understood the reality of the world as broken to the point that someone must serve and someone will suffer, and as absolute ruler he chose to do both and asks that the strong among us follow his example. Christianity operates in such a way as to make the weak strong and the strong subservient. That puts an end to all oppression.



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