The Green Martyrdom

(Continued from “Called to tell our stories.”) I began this 2019 Lenten series contrasting my need for Lent with the present reality of likely martyrdom faced by Syrian believers under the threat of ISIS. As the saying goes, the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church, and from her earliest years, the … More The Green Martyrdom

Remember Me

(Continued from “Die Quietly”) In all fairness to Prince Hamlet, his “Tell my story,” captures a deep longing of the human heart. And while all such longings left to themselves become  corrupt and perverse, they are often signs of something deeper, truer, better for which we were created.  It is the way of the market … More Remember Me

“Die quietly.”

(Continued from “You are Dust”) “Stop bleating.” Most sermons simply aren’t that memorable. Many are good, encouraging, helpful, instructive…but memorable? However, there was this series from Graham Cooke that I heard nearly 20 years ago that sticks with me to this day.  In discussing our general lack of discernment he noted that many times we … More “Die quietly.”

You are dust…

…and to dust you shall return. That image of children huddled together on the front pew, looking towards the open doorway, eyes filled with growing panic, as young men crouch just inside then brave a look out once more…how close was that explosion…that image of Syrian Christians worshiping and wondering when they will  be killed … More You are dust…

Gender, Identity, and the Failure of Evangelical Theology

Chesterton once said, “The only right way to tell a story is to begin at the beginning–at the beginning of the world. Therefore all books have to be begun in the wrong way, for the sake of brevity.”  Though I am not writing a story (or a book), I find myself in a similar position … More Gender, Identity, and the Failure of Evangelical Theology